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From "Hargraves, Christian" <>
Subject A generic front-end for editing XML including the front-end.
Date Tue, 16 Jan 2001 12:23:59 GMT
Hi all,

	I have been working on a generic front-end for editing/creating XML
files using the fo taglib. I have some ideas, but I didn't know if something
like this has already been done or is included in cocoon 2.0. What I am
trying to do is the following.

Make it possible for some one to add their XML files to this piece, edit one
file and be able to create/edit XML files through a web browser.
The piece to edit would be an definition of the form types of the elements
in XML to be edited. 
This would be defined as an object so that all of the information about that
object can be edited in one HTML page. 
ie maybe an XML file has many types of objects in it. You want to edit one
of those
objects, but you don't want to create a seperate XSL file for each type. 

	Has anyone out there already done something like this? If this
hasn't been done, I would be willing to devote a lot of time towards doing
it. If some one has come up with something or even thought of something,
please let me know. 

Christian Hargraves

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