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From Gearoid Griffin <>
Subject Re: Cocoon Samples & Macs & IE5
Date Fri, 19 Jan 2001 10:28:56 GMT

>When I view the samples page on IE 5 (Mac) it displays the XSL on the 
>screen, but when you view source the page it is XML which is in the source 
>no XSL at all???? Im  not a mac user myself but have tried it on a few 
>ppls macs here and it does that. On NS4(Mac) the samples page rendered 
>fine.I have tried Cocoon on IE 5, IE 5.5., NS 4.6,  Opera 4, on pc. On a 
>Nokia 7110 and on Pocket Internet Explorer 3. All of those platforms the 
>samples appeared fine.. Any thoughts? comments?
>At 12:44 PM 1/18/01, you wrote:
>>Let me get this straight. You tried it with Netscape and saw what?
>>You should not be seeing XML source code.
>>Gearoid Griffin <> wrote:
>>>I'd love any pointers in how to get Cocoon going for the Mac IE, You 
>>>were right about Netscape being fine. Yeah thats the line of thinking 
>>>that I was having since it was *sorta* displaying the XSL file. Any 
>>>ideas for fixes etc would be great. Is this a Mac IE bug or a Cocoon 
>>>bug? (Is it a bug?? :) ) I was quite suprised when I saw this happen. 
>>>Since I have tried Cocoon
>>>on quite a few platforms with few issues.
>>>At 02:07 AM 1/18/01, you wrote:
>>>>Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2001 16:23:47 -0600 (CST)
>>>>From: "Ryan J. McDonough" <>
>>>>To: <>
>>>>Subject: Re: Cocoon Samples & Macs & IE5
>>>>Message-ID: <>
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>>>>On Wed, 17 Jan 2001, Gearoid Griffin wrote:
>>>>I had this same problem. If I was at home I could give you a more percise
>>>>fix but basically cocoon isn't doing the XSL Transformation, IE is. If you
>>>>watch your status bar, you'll probably see that it is also downloading the
>>>>XSL file. It shouldn't. IF you want a real test, hit the page with
>>>>Netscape. If Netscape doesn't display anything, your have a configuration
>>>>error with Cocoon.
>>>Gearóid Griffin
>>>Aardvark                Fax +353 21 489 604 0
>>>Morris House            Tel +353 21 489 606 0
>>>Cork Ireland.     
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>Gearóid Griffin
>Aardvark                Fax +353 21 489 604 0
>Morris House            Tel +353 21 489 606 0
>Cork Ireland.     

Gearóid Griffin
Aardvark                Fax +353 21 489 604 0
Morris House            Tel +353 21 489 606 0
Cork Ireland.     

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