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From SoftLiban KEYROUZ Charbel <>
Subject Re: calling a servlet from inside a PDF file
Date Fri, 26 Jan 2001 17:00:06 GMT
In other words when we call the image genearting servlet in this manner
which means from same server where the XSP page and the XSL page are
height="400px" width="400px"/>
WE CAN ONLY GENERATE THE PDF ONCE, on the second request nothing is

However if we call it in this manner which means calling the image
generating servlet from another server
height="400px" width="400px"/>
There is no problem and the PDF is generated on each and every request
with no problems what so ever.

SoftLiban MOODAD Shadi wrote:

> I have wrote a servlet that make an image of PNG format and output it
> to the JspOutputStream of the HttpRequest it works well if called
> alone
> the problem is that I have integrate it in a xsl file used to
> transform an xml into a pdf format
>  <fo:inline-graphic
> href="http://localhost:8080/servlet/softsolutions.applets.chart.ChartApplet?xmlChart=Chart.xml"
> height="400px" width="400px"/>
> Now if I call the xsp file from a browser running on the same machine
> that runs the Tomcat3.2(cocoon1.8 inside as a servlet)no pdf is
> generated
> but if i call the xsp from another machine than it runs very well
> I think that may be it's a problem of time out or synchoriwation
> because I did the following test:
> on the same machine running the tomcat--cocoon :
> when i run the server I call the servlet from a file other than the
> xsp than imediatelly I call the xsp file in another browser window so
> the 2 requests run's coccurently and the xsp file run's correctly and
> generate the pdf format and display the image
> thanks for help

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