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From Werner Guttmann <>
Subject ESQL and max-rows / skip-rows attributes
Date Tue, 23 Jan 2001 17:24:44 GMT

I just had a look at the esql logicsheet of the 1.8.1 distribution to
see how the <esql:max-rows> and <esql:skip-rows> attributes have been

By looking at the code, it seems that for each execution of a
<esql:connection> the underlying query is always executed. Only during
insertion of the sql results into the current DOM tree the
<esql:max-rows> and <esql:skip-rows> are used to define the range of
records (skip-rows, skip-rows + max-rows] to be inserted.

As this can easily get very expensive for complex queries, I am looking
for an alternative way to 'cache' long results as returned by the esql
logicsheet. If I were to do the same using e.g. JSP with Struts as the
framework, one would simply put some bean holding the results into an
HTTPSession and use the JSP to render fragments of this (e.g. the third
25 records) to HTML.

How would one achieve the same in Cocoon ? Could one simply store the
XML as returned by the esql logicsheet to a session (as text, as DOM,
etc ??) and on a subsequent request simply get a fragment of the stored
xml document and insert it into the current page's DOM document ?

Thanks for your help in advance.


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