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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject Re: IE/PDF bugfix in FAQ unclear
Date Fri, 19 Jan 2001 13:59:32 GMT
Ulrich Mayring wrote:

> Hello,
> in the FAQ it says that I should add ?dummy=test.pdf to the URL to make
> IE consider the MIME type. It also says that the URL addition should end
> in .pdf - why is that? I was under the impression that adding any kind
> of request parameter will cause IE to not find a filename extension and
> then look at the MIME type. Or is it in fact so that IE will see .pdf
> and then NOT look at the MIME type, but assume PDF? Then the FAQ should
> be corrected in this respect.

Actually the "good" people at Microsoft fixed that oversight in IE 5.5.
It doesn't matter what kinds of parameters you have in the URL, as long
as it ends in .pdf you should be OK.  That means that the URL parsing
algorithm was made that much faster as it really doesn't care what you
do with it.  If there is a registered mime-type with the propper extension
at the end then MS will treat it accordingly.

The following will be treated as xml:


The following will be treated as pdf:


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