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From (Rajkumar, Joseph)
Subject Status of Cocoon-1.X and Cocoon-2.X
Date Thu, 11 Jan 2001 14:43:10 GMT
Hi Folks

    The first time I saw cocoon and had it working on our system, I like it
so much that I became to cocoon-evangalist in my company. I put together
a demo and everybody was impressed and wanted to know why our
production system did not use cocoon.

   I showed them the growing number of sites on the web using cocoon.
But these days, I am stalling because I am wondering if cocoon is being
actively developed and when Cocoon-2.X will be released to those inside
a fire-wall.

   I ran across a posting from Stefano about a break that he was taking and
after that I have not seen any releases of Cocoon. The last release is about
3 to 4 months old.

   If you know anything about the developmental status of cocoon and whether
we should embrace cocoon for our production sites, please share your thoughts.
I was also very impressed by "XSP" and wanted to convert all our JSP stuff
into XSP, XSL etc, but I am unable to convince the higher-ups about
continued development of cocoon. I am not asking for release dates, but
please let me know if cocoon is still under ACTIVE development.

Joseph Rajkumar

PS: Also I was so impressed to tie, Cocoon and Orion Application Server, but
Orion development also seems to be stalling. I found an excellent piece of
documentation of how to use Cocoon along with Orion Application Server, but
for that to work I need Orion AS-1.4.4, which I am unable to get from the
Orion Server site and I have not received any replies from the Orion Server

"Kearney, Bryan" wrote:

> Has anyone attempted to convert a JSP site to an XSL driven site? This would
> make migration to Cocoon more palatable for existing sites.
> -- bk
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