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From Yuan Bing <>
Subject Image does not show up in the output HTML file
Date Thu, 18 Jan 2001 07:35:15 GMT

Hi, folks:

I am a newbee to the cocoon world, I have followed the installation guide to install and set
up apache web server, tomcat and cocoon on my machine, here is the detailed info:

OS: Windows 2000 Professional

JDK: Sun JDK 1.3

Apache: V 1.3.14

Servlet Engine: Apache tomcat V 3.2.1

Cocoon: V 1.7.4

Browser: IE 5.5; Netscape 6.0 and Netscape 4.74

Well, I have tried the samples coming with Cocoon distribution package and Tomcat, everything
working fine. I coud visit http://[my web site name]/cocoon/Cocoon.xml or http:// [my web
site name ]/cocoon/servlet/index.xml. I see the result just as the documentation said. But
when I went further to explore more examples, I found a problem. For Example, when I tried
the "Structured formatting with XSLT" example, my IE5.5 or Netscape6 browser,  I could not
see the images, since in the output HTML file there should be a lot of images. I checked the
source code of this output HTML file, it was using relative path, the files do exist and the
relative path is correct but I still could not see it. Here is the error log in Tomcat:

2001-01-17 11:02:38 - Ctx( /cocoon ): 404 R( /cocoon + /servlet/structure + /images/space.gif)

the image is there, I just could not see it in my browser. In further way, I could not see
any images in my browser if that image is in the output html file of cocoon servlet. 

Could anyone give some idea why I have this problem?


Many thanks.



Bing Yuan6601 College Blvd.BV Solution GroupOverland Park, KS 66212Tel: 913-458-8367

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