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From Michael Engelhart <>
Subject Re: Performance testing
Date Fri, 12 Jan 2001 15:58:46 GMT

Thanks for posting these results. They're interesting.. I'm no statistician but I'm not sure
how you're determining your percentages.  For example, how is it that a JSP single thread
test that has an average time of 0.89 seconds and then the same test on cocoon taking 2.72
seconds only a "3 percent" difference.  In my mathbook, that tells me that it's a 33% difference.
 The same with your results about the 20 thread test where a JSP took 15.72 seconds and the
Cocoon example took 106.13 seconds. Again my weak knowledge of stats tells me this is a 15%

Still better than I would have thought!


On Friday, January 12, 2001, at 09:08 AM, Aberbach, Joel wrote:

> Conclusion 
> ---------- 
> With only 1 thread running, Cocoon runs about 3X slower than a simpler JSP 
> page.  With more threads  
> Cocoon runs between 6-7X slower.  These results are encouraging since Cocoon 
> has a lot to offer in terms  
> of infrastructure and flexibility of presentation, and it does not run 
> orders of magnitude slower than a  
> simple JSP page. 




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