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From (damien leri)
Subject Re: Cocoon vs. concurents?
Date Mon, 08 Jan 2001 21:25:51 GMT
there is (perl xml), and some links at
but the links are more general: content mangmnt systems--so not neccessarily xml.
 This is more of a generic question, but I thought, hey, why not...
 Short version:
   Are there any known concurents to Cocoon (not only in the programming
 side - xsp/java, xml, etc., but in the concept too? - using XML/XSL(T) to
 deliver virtually any kind of data, from any source, to any kind of client?)
 I think that Microsoft's .NET project could fit in this category (but that
 is arguable, given the amplitude of the project).
 Long version:
 My boss wants our company (which did "classic" sites so far) to go with the
 flow, and line up with the others in using all the new and wonderful
 possibilities of the wireless world (and other non-computer clients for the
 So, in order to achieve this, he requested a presentation of the
 technologies available out there.
 As I previously experimented with Cocoon, I took it upon myself to do this
 presentation. But I couldn't gather much information on other offers similar
 to Cocoon (which follow the pattern
 Data Source -> Data (XML) -> Transformation(s) -> Final Data (XML) ->
 Presentation (XSL)
 Can you please provide some help?
 Thanks in advance,
 Tiberiu Dondera
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