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From Michael Engelhart <>
Subject Re: Cocoon stress testing
Date Thu, 04 Jan 2001 21:48:06 GMT
<fontfamily><param>Helvetica</param>I thought you said it was because you
were using BEA's WebLogic which has it's own thread handling issues. 

How are you sure it's Xalan? Have you tried XT or any other XSL implementations yet? I think
before we point any fingers we should look into this more since this is the first time this
issue has been brought  up on this list in the last year or so and Xalan is the default XSLT
engine with Cocoon.  

Just trying to get to the bottom of this.  In my mind having 2 servers to do the job of one
is not a solution.   If there is a bug somewhere let's try and find it.  I'm sure the Xalan
folks woud like to hear about this as well.


On Thursday, January 4, 2001, at 02:38 PM, Kearney, Bryan wrote:


<italic></italic></color><italic>I think older versions as well. It
is actually related to the version of</italic><color><param>0000,0000,0000</param>


<italic></italic></color><italic>-- bk</italic><color><param>0000,0000,0000</param>

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