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From Alain Ketterlin <>
Subject Some thoughts on Cocoon
Date Mon, 22 Jan 2001 14:55:38 GMT

Hi all,

I was just browsing through some docs, and the following raised some
questions I would like to ask to the list. This is all very
speculative, and I may be completely wrong. Please let me know if this
is the case.

First, XSLT 1.1 ( throws away
"result-tree-fragments", and what they represented becomes "real"
nodesets. Am I right in thinking that this change will eliminate the
need for stylesheet-chaining? (and thus simplify the pipeline, since
everything can be done in one stylesheet). Anyway, both XT and Xalan
(>2.0 I think) already have some sort of
result-tree-fragment-to-node-set (extension) function. So why have
successive stylesheets when one can do all the work?

Second, XSLT 1.1 and Xalan2 seem to go quite far in integrating
extension elements/functions (Xalan2 even has an SQL extension
library). XSLT will soon allow "External objects"
( Can this be seen as a
possible (partial) replacement for XSP (i.e. replacing taglibs with
extension libraries)?

If you are an active Cocoon user, and have some time to loose (:-) I
would like to have your opinion on these remarks, and on their
potential impact on Cocoon's architecture (if any).

-- Alain.

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