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From "Scott Jones" <>
Subject Re: XSLFO questions
Date Wed, 03 Jan 2001 19:48:43 GMT
Hi Jeremy,

> I get a lot of "out of memory" errors while rendering PDFs.
> OK, so some of my XML files are quite large (up to 150K), but what is
> particularly weird is that when I look at TomCat's console, during the
> rendering process, often it looks like the formatting is repeated again
> again (often till all memory is used up, but not always). It is almost as
> if the formatter is recursing into itself. You see the same page number
> reports several times in *one* server hit.
> At first it appeared that the repeated processing was caused when I had
> syntactic errors in my XSLFO, but now it just seems to happen

XML files are about twice as big as mine are, but I don't see anything like
what you are talking about on my console -- which version of FOP are you
using?  FOP 0.15 is supported by the latest CVS code for Cocoon 1.8.1-dev,
so you might want to consider trying that (that is what I am using).

Are you embedding images into your PDF files?  The image handling in earlier
versions of FOP is not that good, and will cause your PDF files to grow to
massive sizes.

> 2. XSLFO -> other formats
> Has anyone seen XSL StyleSheets or Formatters that output any other
> from XSLFO apart from PDF? Like maybe HTML+CSS, SVG, Flash, etc.

There has been some discussion about creating RTF files on the mailing list -- maybe you'd like to subscribe?

> 3. Producing Bookmarks.
> You know when you use Acrobat (plugin or App) to view PDFs, it is common
> for files to have a list or hierarchy of "Bookmarks" typically shown in a
> Frame on the left-hand side of the window.
> Does anyone know if it is possible to generate a PDF using FOP (the XSLFO
> to PDF Formatter) that has these Bookmarks available?

This hasn't been implemented, although someone just brought it up a right
before the holidays -- it's not part of the XSL FO spec, but would be very
cool.  The conclusion that was reached on the list was to wait until FOP met
the XSL FO spec before implementing extensions.  However, if you were
motivated to work on it, then I'd bet that people would be ready to help!

Hope this helps.


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