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From "Nadine Carlton" <>
Subject Re: logicsheets
Date Thu, 25 Jan 2001 18:50:09 GMT

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From: Donald Ball <>
To: <>
Date: Wednesday, January 24, 2001 11:09 PM
Subject: Re: logicsheets

>On Wed, 24 Jan 2001, Em Huynh wrote:
>> Is there any docs on how to write a logicsheet? I've been search the web
>> forever.
>there's an xsp tutorial linked off of cocoon's site - it's probably the
>most helpful thing besides taking apart one of the logicsheets that come
>with cocoon. i recommend the esql logicsheet, because i wrote it and i
>like the way it works.

A tutorial?  What's the URL?  I can't find it.

Just a warning to Em Huynh that the esql logicsheet is very powerful
but it requires a basic understanding of JDBC and a very good
understanding of XSL.  Then, you have to understand the Cocoon
processors and tag libraries.  I've been looking through it for longer
than I care to admit.  It gradually makes sense.

Start with something simple.  Maybe, mail.xml and it's stylesheet or
this tutorial if Donald will post the URL.

If you try to start with esql, expect it to take some time to understand.
Print it out (paper is good these days during Silicon Valley blackouts),
and if you get frustrated, you can step on it.  Actually, Donald, I
haven't stepped on it...yet.  I just have an unusual sense of humor.
I hope nobody minds.

Nadine Carlton 
>basically, you write a stylesheet which copies all nodes that don't belong
>to you intact, but does whatever you want with your nodes. you can view
>elements in your namespace as methods or arguments to methods, among other
>things. you can call other logicsheets from your logicsheet - that's key.
>- donald

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