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From "Nadine Carlton" <>
Subject Re: Included Logicsheet
Date Sat, 20 Jan 2001 01:51:04 GMT

  Did anyone find a simple logicsheet example like Robin asked?
Having just come up from some intensive XSLT programming,
I would appreciate it.

(Besides, I don't want to feel about logicsheets
and tag libraries the way that I feel about xsl:variable being a
constant with narrow scope.  Just joking...sort of.  I know, it's a

  Otherwise, I'll post something when I figure it out.

Nadine Carlton

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From: Robin Green <>
To: <>
Cc: <>
Date: Wednesday, January 17, 2001 8:22 AM
Subject: Re: Included Logicsheet

>"Heinz R., ITS P E320, TR" <> wrote:
>>All my pages are like that at the end of this mail.
>>My problem with all these pages is I think the "recompile problem"
>>described in the faq, but I
>>can't figure out how to solve it with the ("preferred
>>mechanism")<?xml-logicsheet?> processing instruction.
>Yes, we need a simple example of xml-logicsheet usage to put in the
>Anyone got something that can run out of the box with no extra jar files,
>databases etc.?
>>( I think my pages are looking the same as the examples in servlets/xsp/ )
>Yes, this problem has been known for ages but no-one has bothered to update
>the samples. Personally it confused me for ages and I'm the type of person
>that tries to understand a problem before solving it, so that's why I
>haven't updated the samples myself! :)
>>Another Problem is the <process_dbaction/> Element (see below).
>>In dbaccess-xsp.xsl it gets replaced with <sql:, <xsp: or other elements,
>>depending on
>>the request parameter "action", but this replacement happens only the
>>time dbaccess.xml
>>is called. All subsequent calls with different parameter values are using
>>the the "logic"
>>of the first call.
>Yes, this is a side-effect of the exact same problem. XSP was only designed
>to run directly after a FileProducer with nothing else inbetween. But
>anyway, even if it did work, it would be very inefficient because it would
>recompile the page every time a parameter changed!
>Look at it this way, you're essentially converting an input (request
>parameters) into code and then compiling it and executing it. That's like
>if a desktop program recompiled itself every time you moved the mouse.
>is no need for it because the code isn't fundamentally changing, you're
>switching in and out bits of code.
>Instead of switching in, use if... else. In other words, process the
>parameters in XSP instead of XSL and that solves that problem.
>>Thanks in advance,

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