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From "Roman Zamorski" <>
Subject java.sql.Date & esql
Date Mon, 29 Jan 2001 15:18:46 GMT

I've just encountered a problem, which seems very difficult to solve. I have
DATETIME field in the database containing date of entry event. Now when I
wanted to insert a current date it turned out, that both java.*.Date
constructors set time to zero! I've surpassed this 'thing' by building part
of the query in string and it actually works. The real problem is when I
want the date back [from DB]. It seems that ResultSet.getDate() method,
which is used by esql, calls the bloody java.sql.Date constructor, zeroing
the time part of the date again! I'm quite confused what to do now. Is there
any way I could get proper date & time from the database? Anyone has an


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