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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Re: XSP, toujours... :)
Date Wed, 06 Dec 2000 19:09:19 GMT
At 18:05 +0100 06/12/00, Tiberiu DONDERA wrote:
>2 questions:
>1. When does the      'request'        object become available to my java
>code inside an <xsp:logic> tag?
>   request= the object which holds all parameters received trough post/get
>   I mean:
><xsp:expr>request.getParameter("ID")</xsp:expr> works fine, but
>   id=request.getParameter("ID");
>  produces a NullPointerException.  (obviously, request is the one with the
>null value).

request, session, response etc are only available inside your user root
element (often <page>), as this is what gets put inside the
populateDocument method of your XSP.

They are not available inside <xsp:page> (anything outside the user root is
placed at the class level) you have to pass these parameters from method
calls inside the user root.

>2. Where or how  can I see the generated java source? (I use cocoon1.8,
>tomcat3.1, apache1.3, on Redhat6.2)
>  (it would really help a lot in debugging)

There should be a "repository" directory associated with your servlet engine.
This is where XSP pages are saved as java source and class files.

hope this helps

regards Jeremy

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