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From Benjamin Dixon <>
Subject Conditional ESQL?
Date Sat, 09 Dec 2000 06:03:13 GMT

Hi all,

I have an XSP search page that I want to use for multiple output pages (ie
I might list results on one page, then have drilldown info on another).
So I've got a stylesheet that selects the appropriate stylesheet to use
based on a request parameter but my search returns much more information
to, say the listing page, than is necessary but information that is
important to the drilldown page that has a summary of the selection etc.
So my question is, is it possible in XSP and ESQL to limit the outputs
dynamically? For example:

I select this, that, and theOther from some table.
Listings Page only requires this and that 
Drilldown Page requires this, that, and theOther.

I don't mind the database selecting too much (because I gain a lot of
flexibility) I would like to eliminate the overhead of the listings page
parsing more than is necessary since, in my application, it uses FAR less
information than is given to it. Is there some construct to do this? More
generally, is there any comprehensive ESQL documentation on the web


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