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From "Tiberiu DONDERA" <>
Subject Maybe offtopic: XSL complete reference
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2000 18:18:32 GMT
Excuse this message if it is off topic, but:

Where can I find a *complete* reference of the XSL/XSLT language?
Please note that I am not looking for tutorials or introductions to XSL or
anything like that, just a document that has a list of *all* the xsl
functions and a (short) description of what they do.

This is because, although I use XSLT for a while now, I keep finding out
about functions that took hours of work to circumvent (substring-before and
substring-after being just an example), and I keep losing morale points
because of this... :)

Thank you in advance,
Tibi Dondera

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