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From "Christian Parpart" <>
Subject C2 webapp: /cocoon and single /
Date Fri, 22 Dec 2000 07:43:09 GMT

I am using Tomcat/3.2.1 and Cocoon2. And now - I hope so - it works fine.
In any cae I can access nearly all examples under http://[host]/cocoon.
This works as long as I don't try to put my own .xml files to my own host
(e.g. This doesn't work, because there's no
/cocoon prefix between. But if I try to put my .xml files to the webapp
directory from Tomcat, Cocoon sends me an error message, 'Can't open file'.

I thought, that I've to edit the cocoon/web.xml file to map the *.xml files
Cocoon2. But it doesn't work (I changed the / to *.xml in the mapping tag).

I modified my server.xml to:
<Host name="">
  <Context path=""
           docBase="c:\Eigene Dateien\projects\surakware\htdocs"
           debug="0" reloadable="true" trusted="false" >

And I modified the webapps/cocoon/web.xml to:
    <url-pattern>*.xml</url-pattern>     <!-- original was / -->

Has anyone a suggestion to map .xml files from every where with Cocoon2 in

Thank's in advance

Christian Parpart

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