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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Re: mail.xsl and pop3 ports
Date Mon, 04 Dec 2000 02:06:04 GMT (Christian Parpart) wrote:
>I am just testing the mail.xsl and unfortunatly
>I don't know what a port I have to take for pop3 and smtp.

Linux comes in useful sometimes. :-)

[root@student1316 /root]# grep pop3</etc/services;grep smtp</etc/services
pop3            110/tcp         pop-3           # POP version 3
pop3            110/udp         pop-3
spop3           995/tcp                         # POP-3 over SSL
smtp            25/tcp          mail
ssmtp           465/tcp                         # SMTP over SSL

110 for POP3 and 25 for SMTP then. I'll add a comment to that effect. Note 
that you can't use mail.xsl to send mail, you have to use sendmail.xsl, 
which is in CVS in the same directory.

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