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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Re: New LinkEncodingProcessor - Please Test
Date Sat, 09 Dec 2000 00:12:53 GMT
Okay, I tried to fix these. It's in CVS - no more attachments.

Chris Gow <> wrote:
>That's another thing that I am working on:
>HTML form elements have action attributes.  It should encode them as

Fixed. Anything else? WML? Any href or action attributes that shouldn't be 

>  Does the html formatter that come with cocoon convert all HTML
>tags/attributes into lower case? I noticed in your matches method you only
>check for lower case hrefs.


>I also noticed that unless hostnames are identical, so HOSTNAME and
>hostname.domain never match (all my HREFs in my files have HOSTNAME, but I
>get hostname.domain in my request URI).

Er, fixed, I think.

>If you do a comparison on the URLs
>as URL objects and not strings, then they are compared as being equal.  Of
>course, you have to create two URL objects for each (one with the full url
>and one with just the host, port, protocol and empty file).  There probably
>is a better way of the names out then this....

Actually your way probably makes more sense... I've got to learn to stop 
over-optimising! :)

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