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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Re: Cocoon, ESQL, Oracle
Date Thu, 07 Dec 2000 18:14:00 GMT
Username and password in the esql page? That's the only difference I can 

Benjamin Dixon <> wrote:
>I've got another slight problem. Recently we moved our oracle database
>from internal address to I thought fixing my XSP/ESQL
>pages would be a breeze, I'd just change the line:
>to something like:
>Using the address as above, I can connect to Oracle easily via
>regular java code that looks something like this:
>Connection conn = DriverManager.getConnection
>("jdbc:oracle:thin:@", "xml", "socrates");
>When we switched oracle over nothing changed but address. dvlp and the
>port numbers stayed the same. So I figured the problem had something to do
>cocoon caching the servlet in some way so I restarted apache... didn't
>work. So I deleted the servlet source from my repository... didn't work.
>To make a long story short, I ended up turning off caching in cocoon,
>deleting the source from repository, restarting apache, touching the XSP
>source and still nothing, I still get a "Network Adapter could not connect
>to database" type error. So I looked through the caching docs on the
>webpage but didn't see anything I thought was applicable since it appears
>from those docs that XSP is not cached unless explicitly told to cache (in
>my case I'm not using <util:cacheable>). So I'd appreciate any insight
>into this, seems to me its an odd problem and must have a simple solution.
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