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From Stuart Roebuck <>
Subject Re: OS X & C2
Date Thu, 14 Dec 2000 08:45:46 GMT

We're working with C2 under MacOS X and have progress worked through from C1 T3 through to
our current C2 T4 configuration.  I've never tried C2 and T3.

I'm probably stating things you already know, but it appears from your stackdump that the
first "Language Exception" is because the sitemap is not being compiled (and therefore can't
be found in its compiled form.  The second stack indicates that the java compiler isn't being
found in the classpath - explaining why the sitemap isn't getting compiled.  These issues
both relate to to Cocoon's processing rather than Tomcat.  So it looks like Cocoon can't find
javac, but Tomcat can.

Could it be something to do with environmental variables - your "JAVA_HOME" setting or your
cocoon.xconf configuration file?

I hope it is a little bit of a relief to you to know that there isn't any fundamental reason
for Cocoon 2 not working under MacOS X.

Best regards,


On Thursday, December 14, 2000, at 04:55 AM, Michael Engelhart wrote:

> Well I guess I'm finding out some weird stuff for OS X's JDK.  In OS X, there is a classes.jar

> file and when i look at it in a class browser, the javac class has a different hierarchy
> below.  It is in the package: 
> not 
> Any ideas??  The thing that I don't get is that both the XSP and JSP sample work.  I'm
> because the javac application is in the path, it finds it but it can't find the actual

> class. 
> Again, any pointers would be appreciated. 
> mike 
> On Wednesday, December 13, 2000, at 10:49 PM, Michael Engelhart wrote: 
> > WARN    11946   [cocoon  ] (Thread-24): Javac()  
> > java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:  
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