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From Greg Rozon <>
Subject Mozilla, IE5, XML, oh my!
Date Wed, 06 Dec 2000 21:56:37 GMT
Hey everybody,

	Today's question is of the odd variety.  I'm not entirely sure whether 
this is a browser compliance issue, or a Cocoon issue, so I thought I'd 
start here and find out if anyone had run across a similar problem.

The problem is that I have a file which when rendered into HTML (via XSLT) 
I get different display results between Mozilla (M18) and IE5 (5.5 
specifically).  Now before you immediately dismiss this as a browser issue, 
there's a little more explanation to the problem.  If I add a processing 
instruction to cocoon (1.8) telling it which formatter to use, I can affect 
the problem.  In other words, when I use text/html the output works in IE 
and not in Mozilla, but when I use text/html/loose, the output works in 
Mozilla but not in IE. I think I've narrowed the problem down to a 
particular issue in the way the html/loose formatter processes the xml into 
html.  Particularly, it seems to want to take a <td></td> tag and put each 
on a separate line (did I mention that this is a table rendering problem? 
quit groaning :>) For example:

<td><img src="...">

Now, Mozilla has no problem with this, but IE thinks this is a line feed in 
the table and adds extra spaces (which is a problem in this case).  What I 
find strangest however is that when the HTML comes over as one giant blob, 
IE has no problem producing the correct rendering, but Mozilla reverts to 
the same problem! This leads me to believe that Mozilla is doing it's own 
parsing or "DOM'ing" of the file internally.

So, any idea how I might get around this?  The obvious answer would seem to 
be, "generate a different PI depending on the browser", but I'm not quite 
sure if that's possible (this isn't an XSP page, and I'm thinking I'd be 
raising a bunch of other problems converting it to one).  Well, thanks for 
surviving my incoherence, and happy cocoon-ing.


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