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From "Jimi Thompson" <>
Subject Re: Multiterminal Portal with Cocoon!
Date Wed, 20 Dec 2000 17:18:49 GMT

You might try one of the cheaper devices that run the Palm OS and handle
clipping in the same fashion as a "real" Palm.  Most notable the
Handspring Visor, which is about half the cost of even the cheapest of

Good Luck,


> Marco Spinetti wrote:
> Hi all,
> I need your help for a project that I am realizing (for my data
> processing thesis in Ingegneria at the university of Pisa in Italy)
> and that in part I have already realized. The project is the
> realization of a multerminal portal entirely written in XML: I better
> explain to myself. I have realized a Framework using Cocoon and XML
> and XSL. A Client ( Brower,  phone WAP.. ) does a request addressed to
> an only XML file, what through Cocoon recognizes the User-Agent and
> answers adequately.
> For the moment, my portal, includes the service of Meteo (for Italy)
> and a part of the telephone directory service (it searches for
> subscriber through the number): I think what once finished, everyone
> misses it little, it will be an excellent advertising for Cocoon, seen
> that it will be available on Web. My problem is the following: to be a
> true multerminal portal, according to me, should answer also to
> requests with PDA (Palm): in fact for the moment my services support
> the most common Browers and the WAP telephones. My problem is that the
> PDA cost very much for which a such Palm emulator would serve me, to
> understand us, equal to the emulator of the Nokia for the WAP
> telephones.
> Someone of you can of a some PDA emulator with whom extend my
> services? It exists a some other alternative method, without emulator?
> In some day I will give you the Web address you will be able in which
> to try and to judge my work.
>  Thanks whoever can help me.
> Regards
> Marco
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