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From Naegeli Margrit <>
Subject RE: Including XML into other XML
Date Fri, 01 Dec 2000 09:32:20 GMT
I use both util:include-file and xinclude, depending on whether the included
xml needs to be processed by the xsp processor or not. 

If the included xml does not need to be processed further, but the page
where it's included gets processed by xsp anyway, I use util:include-file
.... So the page is only processed once, by the xsp processor.

If the included xml contains logic and therefore needs to go through the xsp
processor, too, then I use xinclude. The processing instructions are in this
order: xinlude, xsp, xsl.

If no other processing besides the include is necessary, then I also use
xinclude. The PIs are then: xinclude, xsl. I do it this way because xinclude
seems to be faster than xsp.

I hope this answers your questions.

Greetings, Maggie

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> From: Joel Jimenez []
> Sent: Thursday, November 30, 2000 5:10 PM
> To:
> Subject: Including XML into other XML
> Hi,
> 	I have been trying to include an XML file (a.xml) into 
> an XSP (b.XML), but
> every time cocoon 1.8 is executed I got "{a.xml: 
>}" included.
> 	I did try it using xinclude and util:include-uri with 
> the same result.
> 	I works including files with extensions others than .xml
> 	Any idea on how to include this xml into xml files?
> Thanks / Joel Jimenez
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