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From Roger Vaughn <>
Subject Cocoon2 Q's: Classpath and XSP
Date Wed, 27 Dec 2000 20:11:46 GMT
I have been playing with Cocoon2 lately and converting
over some of my Cocoon1 stuff as a learning exercise. 
I have two quick questions I ran into while converting
some of my XSP samples.

First, is there (yet) a way to specify additional
classpath entries for the XSP processor, perhaps in
the sitemap file?  Until now I have had to put
webapp-specific classes into the servlet engine's
classpath.  The ClassLoaderManager seems to suggest
that there might now be alternatives - or am I asking
too early?

And second, the Cocoon web site used to have a link to
an XSP tutorial of sorts (which I can't find now). 
This was a great thing and was how I learned to use
logicsheets in the first place.  One of the methods
described in that doc (the second example, I think)
showed how to take a pure-XML source doc and apply an
XSLT sheet which transformed the whole mess into an
XSP page which could *then* be processed by the Cocoon
XSP processor.  I know it was given as an example and
is far from an ideal way to do things, but it has uses
in limited circumstances.  It's also a good intro to
the Cocoon internals.  In Cocoon2, however, it appears
that this can no longer be done since the XSP
processor is a generator, and not a stream processor. 
Am I correct in thinking this is now impossible, or am
I just missing the correct way to configure the
pipeline for it?



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