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From Chris Mayes <>
Subject JServ problems
Date Mon, 11 Dec 2000 02:21:37 GMT

Well, the main problem is that JServ seems to be choking when Cocoon
tries to contact JServ.  In order to get JServ to respond again (using
the example Hello and IsItWorking servlets), I need to restart both
Apache and Jserv.

So, here's the cycle:

1. Restart JServ and Apache
2. http://localhost/servlets/IsItWorking responds appropriately.
   (Note: Apache throws this error for each access:
     [error] [client] client denied by server configuration:

3. Attempt to access
4. Client cycles; Apache hangs
5. http://localhost/servlets/IsItWorking is no longer responding.
6. After a certain length of time, Apache throws a 500 and dumps this
to the error log:

[Sun Dec 10 19:24:57 2000] [emerg] JServ: ajp12: can not connect to
[Sun Dec 10 19:24:57 2000] [emerg] JServ: ajp12: connection fail
[Sun Dec 10 19:24:57 2000] [error] JServ: an error returned handling
request via protocol "ajpv12"

7. Return to step 1.

Actually, the error in step 6 hasn't popped up on this latest iteration

Does anyone have any clue what might be wrong?  Are there other error
logs that I should be checking?  There's nothing unusual in jserv.log
or syslog.

Machine statistics (version numbers as reported by dpkg):

Debian Potato/Woody, kernel-image 2.2.17pre6-1
cocoon version: 1.5-2.3
jserv version: 1.1.2-2
apache version: 1.3.14-2 
Another thing that i noticed is that lsof -i turns up these entries:
Kaffe      9498 www-data    5u  IPv4 81767904       TCP
cmayes:8007->cmayes:2822 (CLOSE_WAIT)
Kaffe      9498 www-data    7u  IPv4 81769804       TCP
cmayes:8007->cmayes:2825 (CLOSE_WAIT)
Kaffe      9498 www-data    8u  IPv4 81772966       TCP
cmayes:8007->cmayes:2828 (CLOSE_WAIT)
Kaffe      9498 www-data  138u  IPv4 81719159       TCP cmayes:8007
Kaffe      9498 www-data  140u  IPv4 81765887       TCP
cmayes:8007->cmayes:2819 (CLOSE_WAIT)

...which seems to indicate that the Cocoon request is causing the jserv
listener to block (though I'm just guessing).  Also, port 8007 doesn't
show up on an nmap scan...  Should it?



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