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From Matthew Cordes <>
Subject Re: Converting html sites to cocoon
Date Sun, 10 Dec 2000 06:39:44 GMT
Hello Rick,

On Sun, Dec 10, 2000 at 12:22:06AM -0500, Rick Anderson wrote:
> Does any documentation or guidlines exist for converting an html site to
> using cocoon and xml?

Probably just the mailing list archives and

> For instance, it would be possible to to convert the html of a web site to
> xhtml and declare that the site is now xml and the project is done. This
> solution seems to be missing the point and power of using cocoon and xml.  
> The ability to have stylesheets format the presentation of data seems
> to be circumvented with using xhtml. When does it make sense to use xhtml?

I think you're misunderstanding (or perhaps I am).  xhtml (AFAIK) is just
regular html except that its syntax now confirms to xml standards and
thus is xml.  It is not CGI( et al ) and thus cannot be used to write 
interactive pages (which is cocoon's purpose). If you want to write a
static html page in xhtml you'll probably need to make sure all
attributes are quoted and elements are closed.  If you want to make
interactive pages ( shopping cart, etc, etc ) look to cocoon.

> If I want to include forms and menus on my pages do I need to create my
> own FormML, MenuML, and PageObjectML.  Has anyone allready done this so I
> don't have to reinvent the wheel?

I'm not familiar with these.  Can you post some urls?

> Thanks for your time,
> --Rick Anderson
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