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From "Krzysztof Zielinski" <>
Subject Re: Interactive sites
Date Tue, 19 Dec 2000 09:05:35 GMT
In letter "Standard for documents content structure." I have asked cocoon
users about document's structure they use.

I saw that DocBook is similar for my structure .
I think DocBook is too much complex to use it in XML documents, because I
should make editor for DocBook documents. Am I right?

How your XML documents strucutre look.?

Structure prowler's XML documents is similar to XHTML. XHTML isn't
> The Prowler tutorial presents dynamic content using Cocoon. It doesn't use
> _many_ forms (only some) but you can create some content, store it an XML
> database and retrieve it in different formats, so you could say it's
> interactive, couldn't you.

Torsten Curdt in message said:
I am interesting in structure XML documents and the structure form

> We build a site that uses form based interaction excessively (checking
> form values, showing invalid values, searching with paging, login
> authentification, ...)

> Although it is live now you cannot try it. Sorry! It is only for
> customers of the company we build it for (login required on the first
> page)
It is a pitty:(

Kristopher Zielinski

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