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From "Matthew Smith" <>
Subject RE: Error: The root element is required in a well-formed document.
Date Wed, 20 Dec 2000 23:57:52 GMT
	Is it possible the error is caused by file corruption in one of my
templates?  The error seems to be happening pretty randomly.  The only thing
I can imagine it's related to is our ISP throwing the office some bad
bandwidth chi.  Seems that sometimes when I transfer a stylesheet to the
server and the transfer takes some time that I get the root element error.


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From: Matthew Smith []
Sent: Wednesday, December 20, 2000 4:06 PM
To: Cocoon List (E-mail)
Subject: Error: The root element is required in a well-formed document.

	I have no idea why I suddenly started to get this error.  I was adding some
templates to a stylesheet when it popped up.  All of my pages are now
pulling this up.  I checked the other stylesheets, and it's only this last
sheet that's causing the error.  What exactly does it mean?
	I'm assuming it means that a given stylesheet has to output one and only
one root node.  There's no reason that anything I did should have changed
that fact.  I even went in and took out the templates I'd been working on,
and I still get the error.
	Any ideas, or atleast a clear definition of what the error means?


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