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From Kevin Sonney <>
Subject Darn Database results!
Date Tue, 14 Nov 2000 20:05:24 GMT
I've got a greta form interface into an oracle database, but I'm seing
some weird results. 

I have two machines that run cocoon. One is a remote solaris box, and the
other is my Linux laptop. They both ahve similar JDK levels, and I've bene
keeping the code - cocoon/esql and the stuff I write synced pretty

I've written an app that pulls a varchar2 field into an xml doc, which is
then transformed to an HTML form for editing. . 

When I use my local Linux system, it looks like this :
-- Begin --
This is a  test.

One newline.
--End --
However, when I do the same thing - with the same code levels (down to the
JDK - I made sure!) - from the Solaris box, I see :
-- Begin --
This is a test.

One newline

-- End --

That is, I get double line feeds. I'm pulling my hair out. Has *ANYONE*
seen this, and can you offer a solution? The only thing I can come up with
is the encoding used on the solaris box, but that woldn't account for a
double line feed on display, Would it?

Thanks, gang!

| Kevin Sonney |
| Systems Programmer |

"The weakest link in any civil rights case is always the
defendant. Imagine being a lawyer and getting a call from me. That's why I
try to, uh, behave myself." - Hunter S. Thompson

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