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From Donald Ball <>
Subject draft final impl. and doc. of the esql namespace committed
Date Fri, 10 Nov 2000 08:09:54 GMT
(matt asked me to take this to xsp-dev since he's subscribed there and
people keep leaving him off of cocoon-users. it's not 100% appropriate to
xsp-dev, as it's not completely about the structure of the xsp language
itself, but it does deal with cross-platform issues in xsp logicsheet
design. if anyone on xsp-dev feels really strongly against this,
yell. anyone on cocoon-users who wants to track this can join xsp-dev.)

i just committed an implementation of the esql namespace as (i think) we'd
agreed upon (so far) for c1 that should work, as well as an updated sample
and the beginning of an xml schema for the esql namespace
(samples/sql/esql.xsd). i'd appreciate any comments y'all have, especially
on the schema - i've never written one and i could really use some help!

i think the biggest outstanding issue is the update-rows element - it may
be difficult to support that across implementations. also, we need to
enumerate the row-results and update-results children and make sure that
the data they provide is accessible via both jdbc and dbi.

- donald

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