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From Donald Ball <>
Subject Re: draft final version of the esql namespace
Date Thu, 09 Nov 2000 02:57:03 GMT
On Wed, 8 Nov 2000, David Halsted wrote:

> > hmm. then what information does an xsp page have to provide in order to
> > create a new connection pool? by the same token, what information does an
> > xsp page have to provide in order to check out a pooled connection?
> >
> > - donald
> I haven't really thought this through carefully, but perhaps -- the usual
> logon information (driver, URL, etc) plus minimum and maximum pool size and
> timeout to create a pool, plus a pool name so you can get connections from
> it.  In a perfect world, perhaps you would be able to specify how much
> information would be required to get a connection, so that some pools would
> let you get a connection simply by providing the correct pool name, while
> others would need to know a user name and logon.  Or something like that.

okay, so what happens if two xsp pages choose the same pool name? or what
happens if a malicious xsp page attempts to get a connection from a
privileged pool by guessing its name? i think there's a whole slew of
issues here to address that i'd rather not get into yet. i think i'm going
to make the executive decision (ha!) that connection pool creation
semantics are outside of the esql namespace, at least right now. esql
pages may retrieve connections from a named pool, possibly by
authenticating themselves with a password. the mechanism by which pools
are declared, created, and/or managed is (for now) outside the scope of
the esql specification.

i encourage those of y'all who are interested in connection pooling,
dynamic or otherwise, to get together and figure out these issues - what
the backend should be (avalon, turbine, whatever), how to create pools
(static and/or dynamic), etc. for the time being, i'll keep using the
turbine pool, but i have no objections to switching the backends if y'all
pick something else.

cool with everyone?

- donald

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