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From Jeff Turner <>
Subject View uninterpreted XSP w/Tomcat3.2+
Date Sat, 11 Nov 2000 12:36:50 GMT

This describes a Tomcat bug that affects Cocoon users. I'm describing it
to avoid anyone reporting it as a Cocoon bug. The bug occurs in Tomcat
versions 3.2b3 to 3.3dev from CVS (at least). I've notified the tomcat-dev
people of this.

Some people might be finding that occasionally during development with
Tomcat, XSP pages aren't interpreted, so the user sees raw XSP.

This happens when a previously unavailable page becomes available and is
re-requested. The common scenario is as follows:

 - You delete a Cocoon-based web-app
 - restart Tomcat
 - request a non-existent *.xml file from the web-app
 - realise your mistake, regenerate the web-app
 - request the same (now existing) *.xml file

You'll see raw XSP in the browser.


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