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From Jeff Turner <>
Subject [C1][BUG] WEB-INF/classes packages not found
Date Thu, 09 Nov 2000 03:55:31 GMT

Possible bug in 1.8dev (from CVS a few days ago). Classes in
WEB-INF/classes are not found from XSP pages (but they are from
servlets/JSP pages). I'm using Tomcat3.2b6.

The simplest test is to make a WEB-INF/classes/ class, and try to
instantiate it from an XSP page.

I've put a 6kb demo .war file at:

I'd appreciate it if someone could give it a try and see if it's a general

I'm poking through the C1 source, but there's no obvious leads. The
classpath (java.class.path) property has no bearing on the problem, as it
doesn't include WEB-INF/classes anyway.


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