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Subject Re: XML to PDF in IE 5+
Date Wed, 01 Nov 2000 19:38:59 GMT
I pasted exactly what was on the site, verbatim in my email....
Sorry for rehashing an old topic, I just joined the list.

I think if there was a way I could generate static pdf files from my xml 
files (say, on a nightly basis) it would work fine if the user just 
downloads a plain pdf file, but on the fly it sounds like xml->pdf will 
not work very well for the various browsers out there.

Can someone explain to my how I'd go about generating xml->static pdf/html 

Anthony Ettinger
Sr. Web Developer

"Robin Green" <>
11/01/00 11:29 AM
Please respond to cocoon-users

        Subject:        Re: XML to PDF in IE 5+

The FAQ on the website has slightly more detail added.

This is a very sore point because every few weeks we have this EXACT same 
conversation on cocoon-users (why doesn't it work, try this, it still 
doesn't work, try this, it still doesn't work, look at this webpage, it 
still doesn't work...), and no-one as far as I know has ever reached a 
satisfactory resolution. I suggest you check the website FAQ and mail 
archives before posting any further. wrote:
>I read the FAQ about pdf's not working in IE:
>         Why is Internet Explorer Not showing PDF or VRML samples?
>                        This is a long-time problem with Internet 
>which doesn't look for the MIME type sent by the HTTP response, but
>                        instead just looks at the file extension at the 
>of the URL to determine what program should open it (unlike other
>                        browsers which are smarter and follow the 
>standards correctly). There is a trick that forces IE to look at the MIME
>                        type - adding a ? at the end of your URI. Cocoon
>should ignore this, but IE won't, and will react to the MIME type and
>                        the correct plugin/application for that content.
>However, It seems to work fine with the above recommendation for IE 4 and
>Netscape (adding "?" in the link), but IE 5+ is still not recognizing the
>file as a pdf format, nor is it asking the user to choose an association
>(which is what happens in IE 4).
>Does anyone have any suggestions?

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