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From "Jamie Mascherino" <>
Subject RE: Weblogic cocoon install & run problems
Date Wed, 29 Nov 2000 20:32:46 GMT
Your problem sounds familar to one I had.. I don't know if this email will
help you, but if it does good luck!!

The Publishing engine could not be established error message occurs in the
following situations:
1.) WebLogic cannot find the Xeres jar file in your server classpath
2.) WebLogic cannot find the FOP jar file in your server classpath
3.) The <param-value> tag in the web.xml file is either missing, or does not
reference the proper location of the file.

Now, if you have added the Xerces and FOP jar files to the system classpath
using the wlconfig command in the /weblogic/bin directory then I think that
you still have a problem with your web.xml file.  From the sound of your
email I would quess that your problem is number 3.

I can tell you what I know:

The runtime directory that I use for WebLogic 5.1 is \weblogic  the line you
add to the weblogic properties file:


tells the WebLogic server to look for the cocoonwar folder.  I put mine at
\weblogic\cocoonwar not inside the myserver directory although if you set it
to =%MYSERVER%/cocoonwar I think that would work.

Inside the cocoonwar directory are the following:
samples (dir) //containing all of the cocoon samples
WEB-INF (dir) //containing:
*    _tmp_war (after running cocoon)
*    Web.xml

Cocoon properties does not need to be modified, but the Web.xml file does.
The <param-value> tag needs to be modified as follows:






That tells Weblogic to start in the cocoonwar directory (as specified in the file) and traverse through the  WEB-INF folder where it
will find the file.That was the reason for most of my
WebLogic problems (just getting that folder in the right place and the
<param-value> tag set correctly).  I hope that helps you.

Otherwise you can create a cmd file that runs the wlconfig.exe command and
sets up the proper CLASSPATH and weblogic.class.path variables that are
needed for WebLogic to work correctly.  It will add the Cocoon jars to the
proper location. If you need instruction on that let me know and I can send
you more detailed instructions.  I also have a list of errors associated
with an improperly configured WebLogic environement if anyone is interesting
in seeing that as well.

Jamie L. Mascherino
Software Engineer
Learnframe, Inc.
Salt Lake City, Utah

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  From: Crook, Charles []
  Sent: Wednesday, November 29, 2000 10:27 AM
  To: ''
  Subject: RE: Weblogic cocoon install & run problems

  It's not that difficult; this is our script



java -Dweblogic.class.path=$WEBLOGICCLASSPATH -ms64m -mx64m -classpath
cy weblogic.Server >! weblogic.log) >&! weblogic.err &

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  From: []
  Sent: Monday, November 27, 2000 8:43 PM
  Subject: Weblogic cocoon install & run problems

  I'm using Weblogic 5.1 and tried following the instructions found at:

  Has anyone had any success with this as written?

  First: what is the WLS run time directory?

  I assumed this was the myserver directory, but when I moved the
  cocoon/WEB_INF files here, the server could not find web.xml. Finally,
  a lot of experimentation I copied the files to the weblogic directory
  the server was able to find the web.xml file, but still could not find the file. After more experimentation, I move this file back
  under myserver and got the server to start successfully.

  Now on to run time problems: when I run:

  I get :

  Cocoon 1.8 Publishing Engine could not be initialized.

  java.lang.RuntimeException: Error creating
  org.apache.cocoon.processor.xsp.XSPProcessor: make sure the needed classes
  can be found in the classpath
       at org.apache.cocoon.framework.Manager.create(

  I have experimented with the classpath and have added:


  time or another and I still get this error!

  Why do I spend more time trying to deploy and configure weblogic, then I
  writing code to run in it.

  Jerry Donaldson

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