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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Re: XSP -> XSLT -> XSP
Date Wed, 15 Nov 2000 11:49:49 GMT
Ugo Cei <> wrote:
>Donald Ball wrote:
> > this will require rewriting the ldap logicsheet in the esql style -
> > e.g. letting you access the results via accessor expressions
> > (esql:get-string, esql:get-date), rather than just giving you a chunk of
> > XML. if i knew anything about ldap and i needed this functionality, i'd
> > write it myself, but i'm happy to look over your shoulder if you want to
> > rewrite the ldap logicsheet in the esql style.
>That would be fine, maybe someday I will find the time to do it... In
>the meantime I tried using util:request-uri and almost succeeded ...
>This is what I did:
>1) created an XSP page that uses the JNDI taglib to query the LDAP
>repository for connection information
>2) wrote a stylesheet that transforms the document produced by executing
>the XSP page into another document that contains a series of
><esql:execute-query> elements, one for each of the connection
>definitions retrieved from LDAP
>3) wrote an XSP page that includes the product of phase 2 via
>4) wrote a stylesheet to apply to the latter XSP page to transform the
>results into HTML.
>I said I *almost* succeed because the result of phase 2, unfortunately,
>is HTML and not valid XML, and as such causes a parsing error when
>included in phase 3. This happens even though I put the following PI:
><?cocoon-format type="text/xml"?>
>in the first XSP page.

Remember stylesheets do not copy PIs by default. See the FAQ.

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