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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Re: Some Cocoon questions
Date Tue, 14 Nov 2000 18:01:30 GMT
"Kirkpatrick, Alfie (London)" <> wrote:
>- My initial impression of Cocoon is good but want to make sure I haven't
>missed anything fundamental. Would I be correct to say that Cocoon is
>basically JSP-like (when using XSP) with integral XSLT support, and caching
>at various points in the processing chain?

Cocoon 1 caches the following things:
* Results of chains
* Stylesheets (but not results of applying them)
* XSP generated classes

>- Is it possible to cache at a sub-page level.

In Cocoon 1, you have to do it yourself. In Cocoon 2, yes, using aggregation 
(not yet implemented).

>The only caching I've seen is
>either at the complete page level, or at points in the chain, eg. XSLT
>stylesheet caching/XSP compilation caching. What I'd like to see is a
>'portlet' concept where different parts of the page can be cached

That's aggregation.

>This works very well for pages that have a mixture of highly
>dynamic (user-centric) content and more static (eg. daily) content
>- The caching at a page level seems to be a the URL level only (including
>query string parameters). What if I need to include other information for
>the cache, such as cookie settings, or even information from a POST (eg. 
>posted to server, parsed and parameter extracted and cached on)

In Cocoon 1 this is hardwired, but you can edit the Cocoon source code. In 
Cocoon 2 an improved caching architecture will address these problems.

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