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From Candy Wong <>
Subject RE: 'fooling' Coccon into supporting HDML?
Date Tue, 14 Nov 2000 22:42:49 GMT
I am currently working on a similar problem as well.

On my file, instead of "text/hdml", mine reads
formatter.type.text/x-hdml = org.apache.cocoon.formatter.HDMLFormatter

Hopefully, that would eliminate the second error message you mentioned.

However, even with such changes, Cocoon is not that easily fooled because a
number of HDML tags are not good XML (e.g. ACTION, LINE, WRAP, CE, CENTER,
IMG, RIGHT).  As a quick and dirty solution, I'm working on my own
HDMLFormatter and HDMLSerializer based on the HTMLFormatter and
HTMLFormatter.  It seems to be working fine but I have yet to conduct more
rigorous testing.  However, this requires compiling your own xerces.jar and

Hope this helps.
Candy Wong

-----Original Message-----
From: Paul Madsen []
Sent: Tuesday, November 14, 2000 12:47 PM
Subject: 'fooling' Coccon into supporting HDML?

Because I have a physical phone that supports's HDML I
want/need to temporarily add HDML output to the HTML and WML options I
have working.

I have added/edited what I think are the appropriate lines to such that for specific user-Agent value of 'UP',
Cocoon should serve mime-type of 'text/x-hdml'

formater.type.text/hdml = org.apache.cocoon.formatter.XMLFormatter (as
well as experiments with TextFormatter)
formatter.text/hdml.MIME-type = text/x-hdml
browser.9 = hdml=UP

and to my XML file

<?xml-stylesheet href="alerts-hdml.xsl" type="text/xsl" media'hdml"?>

and to my stylesheet alerts-hdml.xsl


The errors I get are many and varied, ranging from

1) the HDML device emulator complaining about text/html mimetype
2) Cocoon complaning about 'no formatter for type "text/x-hdml"

The first I understand, the second suggests to me that Cocoon may not be
using the file I think it should be.

Thanks for any help.

Paul Madsen

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