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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Re: Processing embedded stylesheets
Date Mon, 20 Nov 2000 18:41:10 GMT
Tobias Kiesling <> wrote:
> > >I know, this question should go to a Xalan-List, but there is no
> > >xalan-users list available, so I chose to put it here.
> >
> > You obviously haven't read
>You're right, I didn't read it, but after doing so, I don't see the

Mulberrytech is more appropriate for XSLT questions.

> >
> > >I've got a problem processing a stylesheet embedded in an
> > >xml-document. According to the XSLT-Standard this should work by
> > >including a processing instruction referring to the
> > >xsl:stylesheet-element in the same document by using a
> > >fragment-identifier.
> > >The PI would look something like this:
> > >  <?xml-stylesheet href="#styler" type="text/xsl"?>
> > >
> > >The target stylesheet-element looks like this:
> > >  <xsl:stylesheet version="1.0" id="styler" xmlns:xsl="...">
> > >
> > >When I try to process the document, cocoon simply states, that it
> > >couldn't find the stylesheet /usr/local/blah/#styler .
> > >I tried the Tranformation with Xalan alone (not in the cocoon-process)
> > >and the results were almost the same: Xalan stated, that it couldn't
> > >find the Stylesheet.
> >
> > Looks like a Xalan bug then. send it to xalan-dev.
>Ok, I'll send it there.
> >
> > >
> > >Xalan claims to conform to the XSLT-Standard. Is this true (and I have
> > >done something wrong) or isn't it possible to process embedded
> > >stylesheets in the cocoon-publishing-process ?
> >
> > Well Cocoon is all about separation of concerns, so that explains why we
> > don't support it. But if you can give a good reason why this should be
> > supported, I'll listen.
> >
>In one step of the publishing process I need to apply a stylesheet to
>the data to produce two different things. The one thing is just the
>data that should be presented. The other one is a stylesheet that
>processes the data in the next step.
>That's right, I write a
>stylesheet to produce another stylesheet and I need to apply this
>produced stylesheet to the data in the publishing process. One
>possibility to do this is by embedding the stylesheet in the document
>containig the data. I don't know another easy possibilty.

Write the stylesheet out to a file, e.g. using 
org.apache.cocoon.formatter.XMLFormatter. There should be an easier way to 
do this in XSP; it's on the todo list at the bottom.

>Another reason, why this should be supported is just standards
>conformance. I know you are perhaps the wrong one, as cocoon uses
>xalan and xalan should conform to the XSLT-Standard.
>Please don't misunderstand me, I really (REALLY) appreciate the work
>you guys are doing, but there _are_ good reasons behind the decisions
>of the Standards-Workingroups and you should think twice (or thrice)
>about decisions like 'this feature doesn't fit into our concept -- we
>won't support it'.

It needs to be fixed in Xalan, I think, and then in Cocoon as well. We can 
blow and puff as much as we like but we won't be able to support it unless 
Xalan supports it.

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