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From "Ron Mensh" <>
Subject help on esql taglib
Date Wed, 22 Nov 2000 23:07:03 GMT
hi fellow cocooners

a newbie needs your kind help
i am trying to put together a web database app prototype using Cocoon 
1.8/Tomcat 3.1 under Windows NT. i studied everything i could find on esql 
in samples, on site and in mail list - was not enough, still cannot get it 
work together.

i pull data out of the database and then I want to do some calculations on 
it and present it to the user in html & wml format. the pulling data out 
part (using esql) and the presentation part (html-xsl and wml-xsl)work ok, 
but i cannot present the data the way it is, i must manipulate it but cannot 
figure out how i can apply my java calculations on the data i get with the 
help of esql. tried to create my own taglib and use it in the same xsp/esql 
file but could not make it work, my taglib does not see the value gotten by 
esql. maybe i should just embed java logic - but where, xsp/esql.xml file or 
.xsl file? how?

i would be profoundly grateful if anyone could please share a sample of smth 
similar - with esql taglib? pls not just xsp file, but the corresponding 
custom taglib and xsl files, too; i am especially interested in those proc 
instructions order, etc.

in desperate need of more samples/info/doc on esql,

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