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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Re: Newbie help getting XSP samples to run
Date Mon, 13 Nov 2000 19:19:18 GMT
"John P. Dodge" <> wrote:
>I am using the Sun JDK v1.2, however I noticed that ArrayList is defined
>in the <java-home>/src.jar file and all of the files in this jar are
>source (*.java) files. Do I need to compile them all into (*.class) files

No. src.jar is for reference purposes only (and in fact it cannot be fully 
compiled, because it does not include the fully source to the JDK).

ArrayList.class is in <java-home>/jre/lib/rt.jar which should be on the 
built-in, bootstrap CLASSPATH, unless your servlet engine is doing something 
really strange. In fact it won't necessarily work if you add it to the 
CLASSPATH environment variable explicitly (due to security problems).

I think that you have mistakenly set up Cocoon to run on JDK1.1, but with 
the 1.2 compiler, which isn't compatible. You need to make sure your servlet 
engine is running on JDK1.2 not JDK1.1 (maybe JDK1.1 is currently ahead of 
JDK1.2 in your PATH, which it shouldn't be), or else downgrade to 1.1 (not 
recommended), to make the versions compatible.

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