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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Re: the output stream
Date Wed, 08 Nov 2000 14:10:36 GMT
Ian Atkin <> wrote:
>i've got a nasty problem with the design of cocoon that i need help with, 
>goes something like this:-
>i am doing two independent transforms simultaneously on the same XML input
>- they create different kinds of output
>one output references the other, using named achors
>i'm using the generate-id() function to give me the id's necessary to name
>the anchors on one output and call the anchors on the other output
>i implemented this using servlets and xt and am converting to cocoon.
>initially I tried to use the xerces/xalan combo in cocoon, but because of
>the use of PIs I had to modify the XML input to insert them - which threw
>out the generate-id() function so my linking between outputs didn't work
>as a result I have simply converted my servlet to an XSP page


>the problem now is that my XSP page indirectly writes to the output stream
>(i pass the response object to XT, which does the writing)

Why?? I don't understand why you need to do this. One solution that 
immediately springs to mind is "servlet chaining" (see FAQ) but it might be 
helpful if you could explain more specifically what you're trying to do. Why 
do you need to do two transforms? Can't you merge them into one?

>naturally I'm now getting the following exception from tomcat:-
>IllegalStateException: Output stream is already being used for this request
>the application still works fine, presumably because the XSP page is doing
>no writing of it's own
>while I quite except that not being able to write to the output stream is 
>XSP feature, I *really* need to find a solution to this.

Solution to what? I thought you said the application works fine???

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