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From "Torsten Curdt" <>
Subject AW: Multilingual solution?
Date Mon, 20 Nov 2000 16:42:49 GMT
> Hi all.
> Any suggestions on the "best" way to create a multiligual site with
> dynamic content?
> 1. Using XSP with tons of "if xml:lang == 'en' or else blah..." 
> 2. Using XSLT to strip foreign elements 
> 3. Multiple files, one for each language
> Suggestions?

Months ago I wanted start such a thread but didn't get much feedback.

I would consider (2) or (3) depending on how complex the pages
gonna be. At least under Cocoon1 large XML files get slooooow
because of the big DOM tree. So (3) might be prefered.
But if your XSP is inside your content XML you have to have
the same logic in every page. If you do not have too many
languages and put most of the logic in taglibs it might be ok.

An other option: the clean page model (see the example that came
with cocoon) It separates the XSP from the content XML.

(2) should be quite easy to handle and I guess I have
seen a transformer(?) for cocoon2 around that strips
all tags that are not for the requested language.

My 2 cents

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