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Subject Re: Installation issue (Almost there...)
Date Sun, 19 Nov 2000 13:19:52 GMT
I have changed parser.jar to z_parser.jar (not z_parser.xml?! right ... see 
previous response) and I have updated tomcat.bat.  I have turned on debug 
info(I think) by setting log.level = debug in  Where does 
this error info get written out too?  Also the tomcat dos window that pops up 
after startup displays a line that says Starting tomcat. Check 
logs/lomcat.log for error messages.  I cant find this file anywhere.  And yes 
I do have all the jars from cocoon/lib in tomcat/lib.  I also have the 
cocoon.jar in tomcat/lib too.  So this is the behavior I am getting.  When I 
type in http://localhost:8080/Cocoon.xml I get a page not found error.  If I 
type in http://localhost/Cocoon.xml I get a page cannot be displayed error.  
With a 403.2 - Forbidden: Read Access Forbidden error code.  When I try one 
of the cocoon samples at http://localhost:8080/cocoon/servlets/xsp/page.xml I 
get the following:

etc...  If we need more I can post the whole page

So to recap.  I have Tomcat working fine, but I dont have cocoon working 


<< In tomcat 3.2 the xml.jar is actually called parser.jar change it to
 something like z_parser.xml and update tomcat.bat to look for z_parser
 instead of parser. You'll find the jar in the tomcat lib dir.
 Um just checking, because you haven't mentioned doing this, you have copied
 all the jars from xml-cocoon/lib to tomcat/lib and the cocoon.jar from
 xml-cocoon/build (or is it cocoon/bin) to tomcat/lib?
 debug flags for cocoon are in
 Good luck
 Corey O'Donovan
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 Sent: Saturday, November 18, 2000 11:26 PM
 Subject: Installation issue (Almost there...)
 > Hi all,
 > Here are the stats....
 > Win2k machine
 > IIS 5.0
 > Tomcat 3.2
 > Cocoon 1.8
 > JDK 1.3 SE
 > I have got it to the point of having Tomcat working.  I have it set up to
 > out of process with IIS.  All the servlet and jsp samples work fine.  I
 > gone over the instructions too many times to count.  I cannot get the
 > Cocoon.xml virtual file to execute correctly or any of the cocoon samples.
 > Both the general and the specific example with win2k and apache(Note there
 > a jar file referenced in the instructions called xml.jar which I cannot
 > anywhere.  This file is supposed to be added to the classpath via the
 > tomcat.bat file).  I have unzipped installed cocoon and tomcat both in a
 > directory called dev\.  I then proceeded to find every reference to
 > c:\jakarta-tomcat in all the config/property/xml files and replaced it
 > my location.  I guess to have as much useful information for everybody to
 > help me I need to generate debug info.  So for step one could someone tell
 > which debug flags I should set so I could post more useful info to this
 > list....
 > JF >>

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