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From Edward Nunez <>
Subject FP is messing up with <BR/> when writing as="node"
Date Wed, 29 Nov 2000 16:23:26 GMT

I'm using FP to enter HTML text into a field, and then rendered the
with a browser.

If the contents of the field contains <BR/> FP is not handling properly,

Try the following in the sample fp page, edit an entry and insert
in the body text a <BR/>, save it... up to this point everything seems
now try editing the same entry, and save it again... FP transform <BR/>
<BR> and it's complaining now that element type 'BR' must be terminated.

Is this a bug? is it fixed in an already release version?

I have Cocoon 1.8 running / Apache JServ / Windows 98 & NT 4.0

Any help is appreciated,



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