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From h e n r i k <>
Subject Re: XSP-Taglib namespaces
Date Thu, 23 Nov 2000 16:37:07 GMT

> I am currently developing an XSP Taglib to do some standard thing for
> our WAP developmentteam.
> When trying to register the taglib in Cocoon (1.8) I saw in the
> file that I had to
> give the name of the namespace instead of the namespace URL to add a
> Taglib processor.
> for example:
>   =
> resource://org/apache/cocoon/processor/xsp/library/java/global.xsl
> To my best of knowledge you are as a developer free to use any
> namespace identifier, as long as
> the namespace is correct. Does this indicate a design flaw in Cocoon
> or did I misunderstand the
> setup of the properties-files.

I questioned earlier how I could change the mappings and got the answer 
to change indentifier in the properties file. Taglib are changeble but 
I don't think "xsp" are!?

I also tought namespace-identifier mapping was upto me as an developer 
to individually set in every xml file.

Are we both mistaken?

/ h e n r i k

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