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From Daniel Schneider <>
Subject Re: Problems installing APACHE Tomcat Cocoon and PHP (fwd)
Date Tue, 21 Nov 2000 16:11:30 GMT
Stamaths Karvounarakhs wrote:

> I have tried to install apache1.3.12, tomcat3.1, cocoon1.7 and php4.0.1pl2
> in a Solaris2.8. Those who have tried to install cocoon in Solaris must
> know that it's not easy at all, but at last guided by the
> in the docs/ directory of cocoon1.8 I made it.What I
> can't make work is php with apache and cocoon.(When I do not include the
> tomcat-apache-cocoon.conf in the httpd.conf, php works fine but when I
> include it apache doesn't seem to understand what to do with the .php
> file).PLEASE HELP ME!!

I have something that works (except some details, like index.xml not working).
BUT I use newer programs + mod_jk (instead of the older interface).
Why must you use a very old Cocoon for example, an old PHP etc. ?

I did my install back in october and made a few install notes:

Maybe it can help, but don't expect me to help further,
I ain't no expert AT ALL :)

- daniel

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